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Артур Макаров в рассказах с картинками!

How I met Sergey Karjakin

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Everyone who enjoys chess in Russia last year was Sergey Karjakin’s fan. For those who don’t know yet: Sergey Karjakin is Russian grandmaster and a participant of World Chess Championship 2016.

Sergey Karjakin against Magnus Karlsen during World Chess Championship 2016.

Information. From 1927 USSR and Russia held (with two short pauses) chess crown — all the chess champions were from Russia.

But 10 years ago Russian chess dominancy ended. Since 2013 world chess champion is Norwegian Magnus Karlsen who has the highest chess rating ever (see Elo_rating_system in Wikipedia).

In 2016 Sergey Karjakin played World Chess Championship match versus Magnus Karlsen. Though everyone thought Kerlsen was a favourite and Karjakin was an outsider, match turned out to be megadramatic but Karjakin didn't yet managed to bring chess crown back in Russia.

This Saturaday I met Sergey Karjakin at fest «Gerber» — national holiday for people in Udmurtia (Udmurtia is a federal subject of Russia). Grandmaster gave interviews and took photoes with everyone. I asked Sergey whether his public activity on popularization of chess distracks him from professional chess and he replied that it was no problem for him and he went to the train camp just after the fest.

Head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov visited the fest. Prevous head of Udmurtia was and accused in bribery and incarcerated. Sergey Karjakin and Alexaner Brechalov.

Brechalov: “Chess in Udmurtia is more than just chess”. Karjakin: “Yes, I see that :)”

Karjakin and Brecahlov against winners of children chess context in Udmurtia.

Head of Udmurtia ran away, Karjakin had to finish the game without his help. At his first move Brechalov moves pawn to a3 — this shows his complete chess incompetence :-)

These children unlikely to know that they are playing against the greatest chess brain in their life.

Karjakin during the game.

Finally Karjakin smiled — he won!

Then Karjakin went on taking photoes, giving presents and sign books.

By the way, Karjakin’s rating is 2783. Register on chess social network chess.com to find out your rating.

Play chess! Support Segey Karjakin!

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